Release Notes for the Pre-Release of Next Alpha Five V11 Update

The Features and Bugs Listed Below are for the current pre-release build. These features/fixes will be included in the next official Version 11 Update. These notes are for users who are testing the pre-release update.

This is not an official patch, so you should not deploy this update to a production environment.


This pre-release build is our internal, nightly build and it is made available to you for the sole purpose of testing the new features that have been added and the bug fixes that have been made since the last official release. We are making this pre-release available to you so that you can provide us with feedback on whether the changes we are making are working correctly and have not introduced new issues.


If you encounter any type of bug while using this pre-release build, please send information about the bug (including full instructions on how to duplicate the issue, and a test case that we can run on our own machines) to [email protected].


Please do NOT post bug reports concerning the pre-release build on the message board. Alpha Software engineers do NOT routinely monitor the message board and there is a good chance that your posting will be overlooked. Also, since your posting will be referencing unreleased code, it will only serve to confuse other users.


This pre-release build is not intended to be used in a production environment.





You can download the pre-release update using these links:


Build 3788-4187 19-Sep -2013 8:57 AM


Build 3719-4169 15-Aug -2013 8:57 AM

Forms - Embedded Browse - Data Entry - Fixed a cosmetic issue with data entry when working with a set that has a one-to-one link off a table that is linked to the parent in a one-to-many link

Build 3715-4168 13-Aug -2013 4:17 PM



Reports - Layout Table Reports -  Fixed International character output from layout table report to to plain text.
Static text that was supposed to show up using the ACP code page was being shown as UTF8.

Forms - Grand-child lookups used in a popup did not repopulate - A form that uses a set that references a table that is later used in a nested lookup did not refresh because the child lookup was using a aliased version of the table.

Forms - Embedded Browse - Fixed a bug with an embedded browse that included a '0' width column. The result of the bug was that the column after the '0' width column wrapped to the start of the browse, resulting a display being overwritten.



Build 3676-4158 26-Jul -2013 9:17 AM

Grid and Dialog Component - Postgres - Sequence Fields - ODBC Driver - Fixed an issue using sequence fields.

Build 3662-4155 18-Jul -2013 9:17 AM

Build 3648-4153 11-Jul -2013 6:57 PM

Build 3623-4150 28-Jun -2013 7:30 AM


Grid Component - Cascading Dropdowns - Explicit Filter for Child Dropdown - Fixed a bug where the child dropdown did not display the correct choices after the record was committed.

Build 3601-4143 22-Jun -2013 7:30 AM



Tabbed UI - Tree Control - A5W Codeblocks - When you use a tree control to display the buttons for a Tabbed UI, you can now use <%a5 ..%> code blocks in the text for each item on the tree control.



Grid Component - Cascading Dropdown Controls - Explicit Filter for Child Dropdown - Arguments - If you used the option to set an explicit filter for a child dropdownbox (rather than the default, in which Alpha Five automatically computes the filter), and the filter used arguments, the filter did not work for new record rows.

base64Encode() Function - Made a fix to address a memory leak in this function.

Reports - Descending Sorts - Fixed a problem in sorting numeric data that had both positive and negative numbers with decimal places.



UX Component - Map Control - How to Programmatically Resize a Map Control - In this example, assume that the ID of the map control is 'MAP1'.


//get a pointer to the div that contains the map

var ele = $('{dialog.ComponentName}.V.R1.MAP1.CONTROL');

//resize the div = '600px'; = '600px';


//get a pointer to the map control
var mObj = {dialog.object}.getControl('map1');

//refresh it

Build 3581-4136 7-Jun -2013 10:56 AM


Build 3581-4139 Jun  12 2013 - 8:31 AM



Build 3579-4135 6-Jun -2013 10:56 AM


NOTE: This build contains a bug in the UX component .chartRefresh() method and in the Tabbed UI (only if the security framework is used). If you update your install by copying newer aex files into the program folder (development and application server), after installing the update, these issues are fixed. Click here to download new aex files. After installing the updated .aex files, the build number should be 3579-4136.


Application Server - SSL - Some users who are using SSL have reported server stability issues. We have found and fixed an issue with OpenSSL - the third party library used by Alpha Five to implement SSL - that we believe will address this issue.


Build 3563-4133 30-May-2013 9:56 AM

Build 3533-4128 15-May-2013 7:56 AM


Build 3512-4124 6-May-2013 1:36 PM



Turning off Drag Scrolling - Some machines support both touch events and a mouse. On these machines certain controls (such as the edit-combo) will not have a vertical scrollbar because it is assumed that the user will use a touch gesture to scroll the list. However, you might want to turn off touch (i.e. drag) scrolling and force the user to use the mouse to scroll content.
This can be done by executing the following Javascript command.

A5.u.drag.useDragScrolling = 'never';

A convenient place to execute this Javascript (if your components are run from a Tabbed UI) is in the 'Javascript to run on startup' property of the Tabbed UI.

If your components are not run from a Tabbed UI, you could add a <script> tag to the page that loads the component. You must execute the Javascript before the component has loaded.
For example:

    A5.u.drag.useDragScrolling = 'never';


Build 3505-4123 3-May-2013 1:36 PM


Build 3502-4122 2-May-2013 11:36 AM


Build 3499-4120 1-May-2013 4:26 PM




Build 3496-4120 30-Apr-2013 8:55 AM


Build 3489-4119 27-Apr-2013 7:55 AM


AlphaDAO - Access - Fixed an issue with inserting data into binary fields.

Grid Component - Fixed an issue with passing argument values to a Grid.


Build 3481-4117 24-Apr-2013 7:55 AM


Build 3471-4115 21-Apr-2013 9:47 AM


Build 3465-4113 18-Apr-2013 8:20 AM



Build 3456-4112 16-Apr-2013 10:04 AM

Web Server - Maximum Number of Sessions Error in Xbasic Error Log - One user has reported that occasionally the App Server stops responding and the Xbasic Error logs shows that there are too many sessions. We have not been able to duplicate this situation in our own testing, but this build has a change that we are hopeful will address this issue. Because we have not been able to duplicate the issue ourselves, we can't say with certainty that the issue is addressed.


Build 3450-4111 14-Apr-2013 7:44 AM


Web Server - A5_NormalizeDate() Function - Some users have reported that the Xbasic Error Log for the Application server has entries showing that A5_NormalizeDate() is taking a lot resources. While we have not been able to reproduce the situation, we have added protection to the A5_NormalizeDate() function so that it cannot be called in an infinite recursive loop.


Build 3423-4102 4-Apr-2013 9:48 AM


Dialog Component - Server Side Actions - Send Email - In the message body, you can now insert field placeholders that will not be html encoded when the field is merged into the template. When you define the message body, you define a template (which is HTML) and then you use placeholders (like {field1}, {field2}, etc.), in the template to indicate where fields on the component should be merged into the template. If the field on the component has HTML text in it, then you can use the {NoHTMLEncode_field} placeholder.


AlphaDAO - Getting Schema Information - When two (or more) tables have the same name, but a different schema, the result of SQL::Connection::GetTableInfo is unpredictable. It may match any of the tables. All tables with the same name will likely return the same definition.

This issue affects all SQL builders and XBasic code calling SQL::Connection::GetTableInfo.

This is now fixed.

Operations - Export Ascii - Filter Export Data - When exporting data from Alpha Five tables to ascii files, you may want to filter or transform certain characters (such as quotes, single quotes, commas, etc.) in the exported data. A new dialog (displayed when the 'Properties' button in the Export Builder) is clicked) allows you to define various data transformation rules.





Network Optimization - When you create a Network Optimized Workspace, a shadow copy of the web projects folder is now also created. This is done because it is possible to build desktop applications that use web components.





Build 3393-4098 26-Mar-2013 9:28 AM




Grid Component - RadioButtons and CheckBox Controls - OnChange Javascript Event - {Grid.rownumber} - The {grid.rownumber} placeholder in the onChange event for Radiobuttons and Checkbox controls in the Grid part was not getting replaced at render time.


Edit-Combo - Progressive Filter - Deleting Characters - When you delete a character in the text you have entered into an edit-combo, all of the previously typed characters are no longer deleted.


HTML Editor - IE10 - Inserting Components - As a result of a breaking change made by Microsoft in IE10, which results in the GetElementUnderCaret() method in IE failing under certain conditions, the ability to insert a Component into an HTML document when in WYSIWYG mode was broken (if IE10 was installed on your computer). A work around for the issue has been found.


Alpha Five Hang when Working in a Component Editor - Some users have reported that under certain circumstances when working with the MDI child windows maximized, Alpha Five would occasionally hang. We have determined that this was caused by some optimization code that was added to compensate for slow video cards. This is old code that is likely not needed by today's modern video cards. A new setting allows you to turn of this optimization in the unlikely event that you encounter this hang problem. Go to View Settings, Preferences, Display, Repaint Optimization.


Build 3384-4097 23-Mar-2013 7:28 AM



Edit-Combo - Progressive Filter - Deleting Characters - When you delete a character in the text you have entered into an edit-combo, all of the previously typed characters are no longer deleted.


Grid Component - RadioButtons and CheckBox Controls - OnChange Javascript Event - {Grid.rownumber} - The {grid.rownumber} placeholder in the onChange event for Radiobuttons and Checkbox controls in the Grid part was not getting replaced at render time.