Subscriber Benefits

Subscriber Benefits are Alpha Five features that are available only to subscription customers.

(All subscribers should have received their license keys from Customer Service. If you have not received your license key to unlock the Subscriber Benefits, please contact Customer Service)


Build 2589-3907

Dialog Component - Server Side Action Scripting - Save Submitted Data To Tables - SQL - Geocoding Addresses - When you save a record, you can now automatically geocode addresses in the data at the same time the record is saved. This option only applies to SQL tables. For example, assume that the Dialog prompts for an address, city, state, postal code and country field and that the table to which the Dialog is bound has a latitude and longitude field.

When the record is saved after edits, or a new record is added you can automatically geocode the address in the address fields and get the latitude and longitude for the address and store those values in the table's latitude and longitude fields.

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When you edit the Server Side action to save data to tables, you will see the additional properties for Geography Fields. This is where you can define that you want to geocode addresses when the record is saved.


Dialog Component - Server Side Action Scripting - Save Submitted Data To Tables - SQL - Compute Geography Field from Latitude/Longitude Values - If a table has a Geography/Geometry field, when you edit the table and change either the latitude or longitude value on which the Geography/Geometry field is based, you can automatically compute a new value for the Geography/Geometry field. Encoding the Geography/Geometry field value is important if you want to do Geography searches on your data.

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Grid and Dialog Component - Action Javascript - New Action - Fade Out Message - You can now define an action to display a message that automatically fades out of view over a certain interval. Fad out messages are ideal for providing feedback to a user to indicate, for example, that some action has been completed.

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Dialog Component - Server Side Action Scripting - Save Submitted Data to Tables Action - Fade Out Confirmation Message - You can now display a fade out confirmation message to the user if the data was successfully saved when the user clicks the Submit button.

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Grid and Dialog Component - Message Box Action - Advanced Message Box - When you create an action to display a message box, instead of using the built-in Javascript alert() and confirm() functions, which are very primitive, and do not allow custom styling, you can now choose an advanced option which allows you to create a styled message box that uses the A5.messageBox() function in the Alpha Five Javascript library. Also, when you use the advanced option you can define custom buttons to appear on the dialog. You are not limited to OK, Cancel, Yes and No.

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Message box builder with the Advanced option selected:

Note that the builder allows you to control the button labels, the Javascript that gets executed when any of the buttons gets clicked, and the justification of the buttons.



The image below shows a message box created with the built-in Javascript alert() function


Here is a message box using the advanced options.




Previous Builds


Dialog Component - Collapse and Expand Containers - When working in a large Dialog with multiple nested containers (Containers, Frames, Tab, etc.), the tree view of the Dialog can get quite complicated. Now, you can right-click on any container control and select an option to collapse the entry into a single item. Watch Video

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Dialog with containers in their 'expanded' state:


Dialog with the 'Repeating Section' container collapsed:

(Note that collapsed containers are shown in red. The number of items in the collapsed container is show. For example, in the screen below, the collapsed container has 7 items - including the Container Start and Container End entry.)


Navigation System Component - Server-side Show/Hide Expression - You can now define a server-side show/hide expression. The expression can reference session variables. If the expression is .t. then the menu (and its children) are shown. If the expression of .f., then the menu (and its children) are eliminated from the menu.





Grid Component - Row Expander - Server-side Show/Hide Expression - When you define a Row Expander for a Grid you can define multiple components to show when the row is expanded. The multiple components are displayed in a Tab or Accordion control. Previously, you could only control which components were shown when the row was expanded by assigning a Security Group to the component. Now, you can also define a server-side show/hide expression. This expression can reference session variables.

So for example, your Row Expander might allow the user to view Grid1 and Grid2, but the server-side show/hide expression might be defined for Grid2. Say the expression was:

session.showGrid2 = "Yes"


Then at run-time, if session.showGrid2 was 'No', the Row Expander would not show Grid2.


Dialog Component - Server-Side Events - OnDialogRender - This event fires after all of the HTML for the Dialog has been computed. It allows you to modify the HTML or Javascript that was computed. You can perform string manipulation operations on e.html, or e.javascript to change the HTML or Javascript that gets rendered.


Popup Windows - Optional Window Parts - Headers and Footers and Toolbars - When you use Action Javascript to open a Component in a pop-up window, you can now defined optional parts for the pop-up window. These optional parts include a header, footer and toolbar. Watch Video.


Dialog Component - Client-side Expression - Read Only - You can now define a new type of client-side expression to turn on/off the readOnly attribute of a control. Watch Video.